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It was the summer of 1920 when the citizens of Lynden decided it was time for a change. At the time there was only one bank in town. And as we all know, "one" is not a number that fosters competitive fire.

As a result, 56 citizens met at the Odd Fellow Hall (now known as the Eagles Hall) to organize Peoples State Bank. Upon approval from the state on December 9, 1920, the Bank opened for business. The original officers were P.J. Van Hemert, President, J.W. Stearns, Vice President, and Albert Kok, Cashier.

It was 18 years later when Irwin LeCocq purchased a controlling interest in the Bank and joined as President. It was at this time that Mr. LeCocq established the Bank's core values of honesty, integrity, respect, and fiscal conservatism. These values were embraced by his son, Irwin LeCocq Jr. and continue to guide the Bank today under the leadership of his grandson, Charles LeCocq.

Irwin LeCocq Sr.                         Irwin LeCocq Jr.                         Charles LeCocq
Irwin LeCocq Sr.                 Irwin LeCocq Jr.                Charles LeCocq
President 1938 - 1969          President 1969 - 1987          Chairman of the Board &
                                          Chairman Emeritus              Chief Executive Officer


As World War II ended, the Bank saw itself on solid footing with $2,000,000 in assets. In 1952, the LeCocq legacy continued, as Irwin LeCocq, Jr. joined the Bank as Assistant Cashier. In 1969, when he became President, the Bank had $13 million in assets and a three-branch network.

As the area continued to grow, so did Peoples Bank. In 1987, Charles LeCocq was elected President & CEO. He served in that capacity through early 2013 when he became Chairman of the Board and continues as CEO. Charles represents the third generation of LeCocq leadership at the Bank and he is a fifth-generation banker.

Today, we are known as Peoples Bank with branches in many Washington communities. Our growth is predicated on the same values that we started with over 90 years ago: be responsible and dedicated to our clients and serve our local communities beyond the business of banking.

Our history, our outstanding employees, and enduring core values are the pillars of our Bank. They unify our team to serve beyond what is expected to make a difference in the lives and businesses of our customers.

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